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I am a creative located in Seattle, WA. The following projects are example of my interests and ability using HTML, CSS, JQuery, JS, PHP, and Wordpress. None being written the same as the other, all still undergoing further development.


Brand Development


HB Beverage Co. believes that natural juice should be the norm, easily accessible, and amazing. Doing away with preconceived ideas about what juice tastes like, HB™ offers concise and limited ingredients. Quality produce shaped into exotic and delicious beverages unlike any other.

Education, hospitality, and delicious flavors are a core value at HB™. Not something that goes along with any business, but something that is ingrained into our bonez.

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Brand Development


The Bonez Shop is a garment company inspired by heavy metal, motorcycles, and fast women.

A brand that is not serious or hoity-toity, just garments made simple and without a fancy label. Something that can get dirty, and can be washed again – a truly better value. -We are your new men’s basics.

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Brand Development


Skin and Bonez was created from the last of a bank account, and aspirations to provide unique personal items -made better than the commodity. Seeking to provide value where others do not. This idea was to provide quality work by a real person, inspired by what I think is cool.

Never having a formal plan, just aspiration to apply common sense, a personal touch, and make quality shit that lasts forever. A vision for awesomeness people can get behind.

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Brand Development


BonezInk gives birth to off-site creative development for small business. Quality work by a designer with aspiration to help people, apply common sense, and use straight-forward design strategies.

Work is applied looking crisp with a permanent and intentional appearance. We provide an affordable alternative to showcase your company, brand, or slogan.

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Motion Design

The following renders are example of my ability in Adobe CS, After Effects, and Maxon Cinema 4D. Browse projects below or visit my blog for more.


  • Pandeia: C4D Render

This is a product model of a Pandeia wrist watch. This time piece was the first of its kind, and was very rewarding to see the final product.
Music by Patrick Briggs.
Cinema 4D Render


  • Balls: C4D Render

This is an experimental project, altering both time and camera position.
Cinema 4D Render

Joe P.

  • Joe P.: C4D Render

This was a personal project that was given to a friend, an amazing drummer.
Cinema 4D Render

Rabbit Hole Bar

Rabbit Hole Bar

  • Interior Model: C4D Render

This is an interior model of a local Seattle bar. This project was the first of its kind.
Cinema 4D Render



  • Skyline: C4D Render

This is a 3d model viewed from the perspective of Queen Anne Hill.
Cinema 4D Render

King Dome

King Dome

  • Dome: Photoshop

Photo manipulation project; creating motion from stillness.

Seattle Under Water

  • Seattle Underwater: C4D Render
C4D Render

C4D Render

  • Spray Can: C4D Render

This is an artist inspired model originated from a photograph taken by my favorite local spray paint artist.
Cinema 4D Render

 Want to see more?

Thank you for viewing my projects. Be sure to check the out my blog.



The Art Institute of Seattle - Bachelor of Science | Web Design & Interactive Media
Weber State University - Liberal Arts


HTML | CSS | jQuery | JavaScript | PHP
WordPress | Adobe CS | Pro Tools | After Effects | Cinema 4D


Creative Circle | Freelance

Straightface Studios | Freelance

World Famous Inc. | Design Intern


BonezInk LLC. [2009-Present]
Point of purchase design and digital media collaborations
Starbucks Nordstrom Jet City Pizza The Crocodile Microsoft
Freelance Design

State Roofing [2004-2011]
Enhanced sales record by performing on-site design and client education.
"Presidents Club"
Designer | Sales

Statewide Inc. [2002-2004]
"Presidents Club"
Construction Design
Designer | Sales

Nordstrom [1999-2002]
Visual Design
Designer | Merchandising


To the best of my ability, I provide an honest assessment of my current skill level.

WordPress Development
Adobe CS
Motion & 3D