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Fly Pods


“What am I working on? Uh… Im working on something that will change the world and human life as we know it”.

Illustrated in C4D

Measure twice cut once.

Had a hankering to build a shed/man space. I was dead on with my lumber needs after I built it out first in C4D, thanks Maxon!

shed1 shed5

Then I dialed it in real specific like. So much so you can hardly even see it 😉


Almost finished!

Graduation Announcement

Although reluctant to send out announcements I decided to after all, It made my Mother happy. Announcements are typically fancy embossed cards with calligraphy script topped with foil, or posed photos of a graduate. I was not excited with either of these options. I was not going to spend any money on fancy card stock, and I was not going to share a cheesy photo of my bearded mug for my family and friends. So they can hang on the fridge- so their friends could wonder who the old guy was.

I made my own postcards. And although I did not spend more than 12 bucks- I did spend 2 days modeling out a scene inspired by an artist I love. I am almost sure no one will spend more than a few seconds looking at this, or knew what went into it. But I still felt compelled to create something.

I have over a dozen hours in, and only spend 12 bucks… What a deal, I think.

Graduation Announcement

T-Mobile Gets Dirty.


Here is a design assignment I had a little fun with, the idea is not mine alone- but I can take credit for the work. I doubt the average public can wrap their heads around this, but it’s funny. I continue to still be amused.

Time Lapse

I decided to record my interactions today at portfolio, I thought it would be a good way to document my last day.

Final Cut

After all the revisions we have ourselves a final product. I am so pleased with the way that it came out, It was a fun project. There were a few audio challenges last minute but it seems we got it dialed in just perfect. I ended up having to do some unexpected research on the array of After Effects settings like bit rates, and choosing my preferred codec.

I would like to thank Patrick Briggs for lending his crazy talents, I would not be near as stoked as I am without his majestic touch. He did an amazing job with the finishing touches and came through like a boss, providing an original studio track for Pandeia™.

646 copy

You can hear more at PatBriggsMusic

Watch This

Watch Sample

So I am currently working on a concept for a watch brand. Creating multiple versions of the scene-file has been quite the task, especially after having to make a single change and sharing that across all versions. My second version of this project consists of 10 modeled watches, each watch being rendered in 6 second increments. Currently I am rendering at 1080p, with average of 20 hours per scene file on 2 local machines. That will be a total of at least 200 hours of just processing the model and at least 20 hours of model time.